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HydRegen is pioneering a novel #biotechnology that utilises the best and most robust components from nature to drive a step-change in #sustainable chemical manufacturing. A 2021 spinout from the University of Oxford, HydRegen offers the potential for cleaner, safer, faster and cheaper @chemical manufacture.

The chemicals sector underpins almost all manufacturing industries, turning raw materials into the chemicals we rely on every day, like medicines, flavours and fragrances for our foods and cosmetics and more. But the sector is under a lot of pressure, from political, societal, regulatory and financial bodies to clean up and address its sustainability issues. HydRegen is passionate about reducing the environmental impact of chemical manufacturing and committed to enabling companies across the chemicals sector to improve their energy and resource efficiency whilst moving towards continuous manufacturing processes.

The novel and patent-protected biotechnologies were first demonstrated by co-founder and CEO, Holly Reeve, during her undergraduate and PhD research at the University of Oxford and has since been taken from academic demonstrations to disruptive, industry-ready advanced manufacturing tools. With a specialised knowledge of complex biological systems, its proprietary #enzyme-based platform enables the power source for biocatalysis to be switched from glucose to #hydrogen gas, reducing its environmental impact. By replacing finite resources for hydrogenation reactions, like metal catalysts, with environmentally and economically sustainable alternatives, it is enabling energy-intensive businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

HydRegen’s biotechnologies bring together #EU capabilities in modern chemical manufacturing and the rapidly growing bio-manufacturing ecosystem, uniquely allowing the chemical precision of biology to be implemented in existing chemical manufacturing infrastructure. Using ground-breaking technologies, HydRegen is at the forefront of pioneering bio-based metal replacements in hydrogenation reactions to enable these processes to be conducted under safer, more energy-efficient conditions with renewable biocatalysts. By addressing the unmet needs in industrial decarbonisation, HydRegen is enabling the uptake of innovative technologies that will play a critical part in the chemical sector meeting #NetZero 2050 goals across the EU, #UK and ultimately globally.

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