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EvoEnzyme SL  is a spin-off company from the Institute of Catalysis (ICP, CSIC) in Madrid. The company develops and commercializes customized biocatalysts (obtained by protein engineering) for industrial applications. EvoEnzyme also has wide expertise in the design and execution of customized Directed Evolution R&D projects. The company was created after more than 20 years of research from the laboratory of Prof. Miguel Alcalde (CSIC), a leading laboratory on the evolution of fungal oxidoreductases It is founded on the most relevant basis of knowledge, protocols, methods and overall research experience. EvoEnzyme has a strong drive in the development of top-notch technologies for Directed Evolution, supported by the machinery of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, with an array of library creation methods and high-throughput screening assays. Based on engineering efforts, the company has a wide panel of evolved fungal -unspecific- peroxygenases (UPOs), high-redox potential laccases, versatile peroxidases, aryl-alcohol oxidases and hydrolases ready for industrial applications. Additionally, the laboratory of EvoEnzyme works on the development of bioprocesses for enzyme production in yeast (S. cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris) from bench to pilot plant bioreactors.

EvoEnzyme is located at the Scientific Park in Cantoblanco Campus (Madrid). Cantoblanco is declared a Campus of International Excellence, where The Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has seven Faculties, a Higher Polytechnic School (EPS) and it is also home for than 30 research centres and institutes with intense presence of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

As a proud contributor to the W-BioCat project, EvoEnzyme puts effort into protein engineering, employing ancestral reconstruction, resurrection, and directed evolution for W-enzymes. The company’s expertise plays a pivotal role in shaping novel W-enzyme systems, driving successful development and optimization.

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